Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vegan Melbourne-Yummy Soy Lattes, Buddha Food, and Records

When we were in Melbourne, we'd wake up, take the bus into the CBD (Central Business District), and begin our quest for caffeine.  Brother Baba Budan is located at 359 Little Bourke Street.  Starting the day with one of Brother Baba Budan's lattes was always a treat.  Though we had a LOT of great coffee in Australia, this place was the best.  The cafe is small, often crowded, but well worth the effort.  The lattes were strong and whipped up with BonSoy, the best, creamiest, most delicious soy milk offered in Australia's best coffee shops.  We looked forward to seeing the designs made in the froth, this leafy one was one of my faves. 
After getting caffeinated, we were ready for record shopping.  One of the best places to do that in Australia is Missing Link, conveniently located near the best lattes at 405 Bourke Street.  When we needed a juice fix after, we'd head to Tropicana Juice Bar at 213 Elizabeth Street.  When we needed lunch in the CBD, we liked to go to a little Buddhist art gallery.

The Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery can be found at 141 Queen Street.  We walked by it at least twice because there really wasn't any sign indicating that it served food.  When we finally did walk in searching for food, I felt silly because I'd obviously walked into a super zen, Buddhist art gallery.  My hunger kept my feet moving, and I'm glad I did because tucked in the back was a tea room/vegetarian restaurant. 
The waitress was always very good about pointing out the vegan options on the menu.  These light and fluffy dumplings did not disappoint.

Crispy soy-something (their name totally escapes me) were a crunchy and filling protein source.

This dish included fresh bok choy, bean sprouts, noodles, tofu, and some veggie/soy mince mixture.  Their food left me feeling warm, full, and ready for our next adventure.

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