Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daiya Cheese Dinners

I recently bought some Rustic Crust organic pizza crust, Daiya cheese, organic tomato sauce, organic spinach, and Tofurkey Italian sausage.  I made pizza, chicken parm, and cheesy sausage and pasta.
First was the pizza.  The crust was good! It's not hard to make your own crust from scratch, but it is time consuming.  This Rustic Crust was a healthy and quick alternative.
The spinach is hiding under the cheese.
Next was chicken parmesan with stelline organic pastaThe pasta is not whole wheat, but it is so good with some earth balance and salt!
Again, the spinach is hiding under the Daiya.
 I finished up the un-sausage with some spiral whole wheat pasta and the rest of the sauce.
The Daiya and spinach made the sauce extra fantastic!
 The finished product was hearty and filling.


Bianca said...

God, I love Daiya! That pizza looks so, so good. I have to buy a pizza crust tonight, and I usually get the cheaper Whole Foods brand crust. But maybe I'll try that brand tonight instead.

Theresa said...

That pizza looks so amazing! The pasta does too, but that vegan cheese! So jealous.

pacificoutpost said...

That pizza looks great! I now have to add it to my menu plan for the week.