Monday, November 22, 2010

Vegan Finds at the Asian Food Market

I happened to be driving near an Asian Food Market today, so naturally I pulled over to check it out.  Once inside, I was immediately drawn to the large refrigerated section of soy products.  The prices were phenomenal, and the selection was somewhat surprising.  That container...oh, let's call it a bucket of tofu, cost less than $2.00!  I also got some "soy puffs" that are essentially puffy fried cubes of tofu, vegan spring rolls, vegan soy chicken, rice noodles, and Chinese restaurant tea that's a mixture of jasmine, green, and oolong.  The timing was right since I'm planning on making two tofu based pies and tofu whip for Thanksgiving.  The bucket will come in handy!


Theresa said...

Bucket of tofu, how exciting! I love poking around the asian grocery shops and seeing what I find - so much more exciting than the supermarket!

Thiên Ân said...

Good finds! Thanks for sharing!
For veggie eggrolls, I usually make sure the wrappers don't contain eggs, as some Asian products are not pure vegan (i.e., they contain milk and eggs, which are normally considered vegetarian by their definition.)
All in all, Asian grocery shops are indeed fun. Glad you like.

shellyfish said...

I am so, so jealous of your score! I used to live right next to an Asian market in Paris & everything was so good and so cheap. I miss that place...