Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tofu Buffalo Wings

I love tofu buffalo wings.  There's just something special about spicy fried tofu and a side of tofu ranch dressing!  I tried to make mine healthier by baking them, but I honestly think that if you're going to go for buffalo wings you might as well fry them.  They're more fun that way!  My favorite restaurant tofu wings are hands down Kate's Joint on Avenue B in NYC.  They are battered and deep fried and ridiculous.  Sometimes they give me heartburn, and I don't care!  They're that good.  
At home, I use a recipe inspired by an old Jersey shore restaurant called Veggie Works.  Before they changed owners, they sold the Veggie Works Vegan Cookbook that allowed their customers to attempt to recreate some of their legendary food.   The tofu buffalo wing recipe in the book essentially calls for firm tofu, Tabasco sauce, and Cajun spice mix.  I added some panko bread crumbs and basically dredge the tofu slices in hot wing sauce, then dip it in a bread crumb/Cajun spice mix.  I fry them until they look ready.  The vegan ranch is also pretty easy.  Basically I just blend silken tofu, a tablespoon of garlic powder, a tablespoon of onion powder, a teaspoon of salt, a bit of soy milk, and oil.


Anonymous said...

I've actually never had buffalo wings- before or after going vegan. I like that you serve yours with cucumber instead of the typical celery sticks though! I'm a cucumber addict, so that alone could win me over. ;)

mangocheeks said...

I have to admit, thse look pretty moreish and I'd fancy a taste of one if I could.