Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

I'm copying Shellyfish's Meal Plan Monday blogging idea.  I plan out most of my meals every weekend.  When I go food shopping, I mostly stick to the list.  It makes grocery shopping and dinner making so much easier when it's all planned out ahead of time.  I pretty much use up everything I buy by the end of the week, so there's not a lot that goes to waste.  The time I spend planning on the weekend really helps me eat well during my hectic and busy work week.

This week, I plan on making:

Breakfast smoothies- I'm feeling organic frozen strawberries and coconut milk this week.  There's also a pear ginger smoothie recipe in Thrive that I want to try.  I have hemp protein, flax seeds, and chia seeds on hand, so no need to buy my smoothie staples.

Salad for lunch-I'm on a Romaine kick lately.  I have some brown rice, quinoa, and some beans I can add to it.  I will be buying random veggies that catch my eye to spice it up a bit, and I already have dressing.

Monday-Clean Mac and Cheese with Kale Chips
I made this last week and loved it!  Really, it's just brown rice pasta with kale, kale chips following this recipe, and tahini dressing from Vegan with a Vengeance.  I call it Clean Mac and Cheese because it's something I could eat during the Clean detox and it has a mac and cheese consistency.  The balsamic and garlic tahini paired with the crispy, nutritional yeast covered kale chips are amazing.

Tuesday-Apple Miso Tofu with Scallion Potato Pancakes from Appetite for Reduction (most of this week's dinners will be from this book)

Wednesday-Hummus and Curry Lentil Crackers from Thrive

Thursday-Spinach Linguine with Edamame Pesto from Appetite for Reduction

Friday- Buffalo Tempeh with Mac and Trees from Appetite for Reduction

Appetite for Reduction and Thrive are my newest cookbooks, I'm having some fun trying out new recipes!  Most of them have been amazing so far.  I'll share some of my favorites on Wednesday.


Vegan Georgia said...

I like your thinking! I'm actually trying this kind of a plan this week as well. I made up a menu and shopped yesterday, and I picked out a few recipes from Vegan with a Vengeance, Appetite for Reduction and 30 Minute Vegan Taste of the East. I'm trying to limit my grocery shopping to a single trip a week, save a few bucks, and actually use my cookbooks instead of just reading them.

Bianca said...

I plan meals on Sundays too! My friends make fun of me for being so organized, but then they're all jealous when they see my carefully planned meals! The tahini sauced/kale chip pasta looks delish!!

Anonymous said...

I really like Thrive, and I'm sure I would love Appetite for's on my wish list!

So happy you're publishing your meal plan - looks very yummy!