Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Starting the Day with Sun Salutations

As soon as I wake up, I like to start the day with a few Astanga yoga sun salutations. They stretch and strengthen, get the blood flowin', and help me wake up. There's a specific kind of breathing you do in Astanga that sort of sounds like waves at the beach.  I did a LOT of these before I learned how to surf to build core and arm strength.  Here's a great demonstration of Surya Namaskara A and B (Sun Salutation A and B) I found on YouTube.  

The person in this video does some amazing transitions that sort of look like she's almost doing a handstand.  My transitions don't look quite like this, but it is actually easier than it looks.  Traditionally, you do Sun Salutation A about 5 times, then move onto about 5 Sun Salutation B's.  Once completed, you move onto the Primary Series of Astanga Yoga.  Since I'm often pressed for time in the morning, I usually just do a few A's and B's, then some of my favorite postures from the Primary Series.

I love Astanga!  I've been practicing it for years, but the biggest challenge for me is finding the time for my practice.  Waking up to sun salutations is my way of fitting some Astanga in every day.  Do you practice yoga?  Do you have a morning practice?


Theresa said...

I've been doing a few sun salutations (in the Knoff style of yoga, which is what I've learned here in Townsville and I think is based on an Aussie teacher) every morning, and keep meaning to get into more. I wish there was a yoga class nearby that met very early in the morning, because my self-motivation is not high enough for more than that!

Chanda M. DeFoor said...

I'm inspired by your dedication to yoga. I love the results, but I am such a slacker about doing it... I need to go to a class again. Thanks for this post!