Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vegan Certified Bath and Shower Stuff

Fresh Body Market makes "fun products with serious benefits by using real fruits and vegetables, rather than commonly used extracts, synthetics or artificial preservatives", according to their website. They're all vegan certified! I first picked up their Foaming Milk Bath at a store, because I thought it looked like a milk container and I wanted to see if it had milk in it. I was so pleasantly suprised to see that it was vegan with yummy smelling coconut milk! So, I immediately bought the bubble bath and their Vanilla Granola Body Buff and Body Cream made with almond butter, organic oatmeal, ground almonds, and powdered nut shells. Although some may think that it's weird to use products that smell like food, I'm totally OK with it. In fact, I almost prefer products that have edible ingredients in them, because I think they're safer to use (hey, if you can eat it, it must be OK to slather all over your skin!). Some of these products are not only are packaged to look edible (they also make a cleanser and moisurizer that look like little soy yogurt containers), they smell like they're fresh from the kitchen and work really well. The bubble bath is super bubble-y and really soft, and the scrub and body cream are as mouthwatering as they are effective. You can get their products at their website or through the PETA mall, although I wouldn't recommend actually eating them!


Theresa said...

Sound like cool products. I'm with you on the edible = skin-safe theory. It makes perfect sense!

Bianca said...

I bet that smells great with the coconut a tropical island. Or a pina colada.