Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Sugar Apple Crisp

After the holidays and before my Clean Program detox, I decided I needed a serious break from sugar.  Typically, I start the day with coffee and later have a small baked good.  Sometimes it's a homemade muffin or a slice of pumpkin or cinnamon bread.  One of my favorites is coffee cake.  I needed something less sugary, but still sweet.  I immediately thought of organic apples, since they're sweet and easily available at my favorite food stores.  Apple crisps are so easy to make, they only require a few ingredients that take minutes to assemble, and they taste amazing.  I started by chopping about 4 apples with the skins and placing them into an 8 by 8 baking dish.  
Then, I sprinkled cinnamon all over the apples and mixed them right in the baking dish with my hands.
Now, on to the topping.  I took some oatmeal, chopped walnuts, whole wheat pastry flour, more cinnamon, and a bit of nutmeg and stirred them together in a bowl.

After that, I added some canola oil and a tiny bit of agave and stirred again.
Finally, I placed the topping over the apples in the baking dish, like this. 
I baked the crisp at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  I knew it was done when the smell coming out of the kitchen was amazing, the apples were sizzling, and they looked something like this.
I had a little bit whenever I craved something sweet.  The crunchy walnut, the filling oatmeal, and the apple-cinnamon combination was perfect!
I will definitely make this again after I finish my Clean detox, since I'm taking a break from gluten during the cleanse.  I bet this would be amazing with peaches in the summer!  Can't wait to try that!


Vegan Georgia said...

Mmm, that looks delicious! I especially love that you left the skin on the apples, since peeling is the main thing that keeps me from making apple crisp more often.

Bianca said...

That sounds so easy and delicious! I could go for a warm bowl of that right now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a winner - peaches would be great, too!