Monday, July 15, 2013

Water Based Nail Polish

Summer at the beach is just not the same without a cute pedicure.  Nail polish by far has been the most toxic cosmetic I've used in years,  so when I heard about water based alternatives to solvent based polish, I had to give them a try.  A great place to start the search is with Pretty Painted Nails, a blog devoted to water based nail polish.  Heidi goes into great detail in her reviews, including a wear test with daily photos for almost every brand of water based polish there is.  I especially liked her non-toxic nail art with summer sea colors.

Aided with Heidi's reviews, I chose to try Keeki Pure and Simple first.  I've tried a total of three brands, and Keeki is hands-down my favorite brand of water based nail polish.  Their polishes are the more affordable options in the water based polish world, and in my experience Keeki's polishes perform as well or better than traditional solvent based nail polish, especially on my toes.  

The use of water based polish requires a special remover.  You have to work at removing this polish more than you would with traditional lacquer and acetone remover.  Keeki's remover smells a bit like coconut and is not nearly as harsh as acetone removers.  This essentials pack from Keeki includes remover, base coat, and top coat.  You'll want the whole set to get the best results with the Keeki color of your choice.   So far, my favorite Keeki colors are Raspberry Sorbet, a hot pink, and Blue Slushie, a bright shimmery blue.  I look forward to trying out some of their brown shades, ranging from the black Midnight Snack to the sheer Glazed Donut in the fall.  

Admittedly, I am not going to find the replica of Nars Night Flight or the duplicate of Chanel Black Pearl in the water based nail world, but I can still have fun with bright pinks and basic blues while caring for my nails.  I have found that water based polishes work pretty much the same as their more toxic counterparts, but they are easier on my nails.  My nails feel stronger and healthier when I stick to water based polish.

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