Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green Pasta

Recently, I was super hungry and short on time.  I had originally bought spinach fettuccine and organic edamame for something from Appetite for Reduction, but I didn't have the patience to follow a recipe on this particular evening.  Instead, I quickly cooked the pasta and defrosted the frozen edamame in boiling water.  I think the original recipe I was going to follow called for pesto, which would have been great, but I opted for some earth balance, olive oil, and salt instead.  So not low fat, but so simple and sooooo good.  There was a nice salty buttery-ness coating everything, which is so perfect with pasta.  The edamame was fun and saved this dinner from being too carb-tastic.  I'll definitely make this quickie again!  And, I still want to try the Appetite recipe I originally bought these ingredients for too.