Monday, December 1, 2008

Earth and Animal Friendly Vegan Boots

It is freezing out here. My cheap vegan boots from last year are falling apart, not to mention they provide little in the way of insulation against the bitter cold. It's time for new boots! I've found many promising vegan options, and I thought I'd share them in case you're looking for vegan boots too.

I found these at Zappos, which has free shipping and a nice return policy. They are Earth shoes, made with microfiber and faux shearling. They look cozy and sturdy, are Vegan Society certified, and are at the top of my price range ($138.95).
Over at Ragazzi Vegan, everything seems to be $68.00. Out of the many vegan options, I'm considering these:
I like that these can be folded over, scrunched, or worn up.

These are water-resistant faux suede, which I love (since wet boots=misery!):
These look similar to the grey sweater boot from Ragazzi, but they're $50 from Alternative Outfitters:
Love 'em or hate 'em, these Ugg style boots sure keep your feet warm ($48 from Alternative Outfitters):

These boots, $44.50 from Alloy, come in many colors:I love these shoes by Simple, offered at $110 on Moo Shoes. Not only are they vegan and super cute, they're made with hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, coconut, and recycled car tires:

Over at, they offer free overnight shipping and free returns. It's amazing how fast they send out their shoes! I found another sweater-style boot at $49.95:

Here's another one from, also at $49.95:
Vegetarian Shoes and Bags had these cozy options at $54.99:

and more sweater boots, these are $49.99:

Over on Planet Shoes, I found these Earth shoes that are Vegan Society certified at $114.00:

I love these from
Over at, I found these for $39.99:
These canvas boots won't keep you that warm or dry, but they're so cute ($88 from Urban Outfitters):

There are so many vegan options out there, it seems like every year there's more and more. It's funny to think back to when I was first vegan, I used to freeze all winter in my Converse low tops. Thank goodness for vegan boots!


Anonymous said...

I really need new boots this season...or maybe I'll wait till next year. Either way - I've loved window shopping with you!

Bianca said...

So are Uggs vegan? I had no idea! Right now, I'm wearing some cheapo faux suede Mossimo boots from Target. Ha! But I'd LOVE a pair of those gray Ragazzi ones!

Vegan Snorkeler said...

I love the faux suede shoes from Target too!

Real Uggs, boots or anything made by the Ugg brand, are definitely not vegan. They are almost always suede and shearling. F'uggs (fake Uggs or boots that are Ugg-style but are not Ugg brand) are sometimes vegan, like the ones on this page.

I actually did end up ordering those boots from Ragazzi!

Krista said...

Oh those sweater-style boots are cute! I may have to break down and buy some boots for myself soon, as I sit here in my converse low tops! lol. My "winter shoes"...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, cute vegan boots? I can't resist...! Seriously, love these options, thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

All are great looking boots. Personally, I love the one's @

Not only do they have great looking boots, they also have great looking shoes and handbags!

AND one more reason to check them out is that they are running a free Shoes for a Year sweepstakes, good now through December 5.

The lucky winner gets a free pair of shoes every month for all of 2009. Entries are made each time a purchase is made, however no purchase is necessary. Anyone can go to the site to enter ONCE at . They won't accept duplicate entries at this address, however.

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

I got mine in a warehouse in New York City... I made sure that they were 100% faux suede. It's pretty easy to pick out the vegan ones because they are the cheapest (due to the fake materials). I love my boots!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

How did you know I was a vegan boot whore? ;)

vegan4Jesus said...

I can't thank you enough for posting this! You have no idea how much this helps me!

I'm a vegan, who is not much for fashion. My girlfriend, who isn't vegan (yet) uses her Uggs as her biggest excuse. Now, I have plenty of options for her!

Thanks again!

PS In my searches I see that Pamela Anderson is starting a vegan boot company called FAKE... supposed to be amazing!

Lauren said...

Thanks for your post! I'm searching for vegan boots at the moment and you gave me lots of ideas ;)

Jessie said...

Wow this is the best blog -thank you SO much. I am a relatively new vegan over in Australia and have really been struggling to find some great vegan winter boots/slippers for our upcoming winter. Thanks to you I now have an awesome list...thank you! :-)

The Unemployed Marine Biologist said...

I found this post in my endeavours to replace my not-so-animal-friendly uggs. I just wanted to say thanks! Very helpful.