Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My new favorite vegan cheese!!! Plus, a simple vegan pizza recipe.

The finished result...scrumptious!I've finally tasted a vegan cheese that reminded me of the real mozzarella I used to love about 15 years ago, before I went vegan. Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack is my new favorite vegan cheese! I actually liked it plain! I made a yummy vegan pizza with it last night. The bizarre thing with Follow Your Heart cheese (I've tried the mozzarella flavor before) is that it will not melt for me, even though it says, "it melts" on the packaging. My favorite vegan restaurant, Kaya's Kitchen, started using it recently. Apparantly, they are having the same problem because their vegan cheese no longer melts (but their vegan French onion soup is still amazing!).

The vegan pizza I made was delicious and so easy. I started by defrosting frozen, pre-made dough from Whole Foods. I prefer their whole wheat dough, but they only had white the last time I was there. I used Wegmans non stick canola oil cooking spray to prepare my pizza pan, then stretched out the dough to fit the pan. I covered the dough with Muir Glen organic tomato sauce, then liberally sprinkled some dried basil. Then, I added some fresh basil from my kitchen herb garden and half a package of Yves vegan pepperoni. After that, the Monterey Jack went on. I cooked it for about 15 minutes at 450 degrees. Yum!

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