Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kitchen Herb Garden

I have a small kitchen herb garden with basil, thyme, lavender, oregano, and rosemary. As long as you're generous with the water every few days and have a sunny spot for them, they're pretty happy and abundant. There is nothing like eating your very own organic plants. I use them to season things like stuffed shells (the fresh basil takes them from good to stupendous!), pizza, mashed potatoes, and various otherwise plain and ordinary meals. The lavender is mostly around just because it smells so good, but I recently had a very interesting lavender lemonade at Teany in Manahattan, so maybe I'll try to make that at home this summer. Here is the basil in action:

In preparation for some pesto (I add toasted pine nuts, olive oil, salt, and sometimes nutritional yeast): I put pesto on pizza:Yum!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, your pizza looks delicious. Fresh basil adds such an amazing flavor to anything!

Visiting your blog has made me CRAVE the beach! (and pizza!)

Luna 22 said...

Carrots with Lavender are fabulous. Take some boiled carrots and add a little sugar (or agave syrup) and lavender and sauté with butter. It is so yummy. It's like gourmet glazed carrots.

Bianca said...

I'm planning on buying a few herb plants this weekend. I usually already have them going by now, but I've been a slacker this year. I'm craving pesto though, and I refuse to buy enough overpriced basil in the store to make it.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Actually, for my cupcakes, I made the characters on the tops out of fondant, which is like edible clay! It’s even vegan… but I think it tastes disgusting, so I just peel the little guys off before I eat the cupcake. But it’s so much fun to work with! I’d never heard of using marzipan, but I googled it after your suggestion, and it sounds like a great idea, since I DO like marzipan… I’ll have to try it soon!